Wedding Planning With An Expert

Intimacy During Wedding Planning

This is a very touchy subject, so sorry to all the religious friends and family out there.

Today I have the beautiful Andrea Balboni from Such Coaching talking to us about staying intimate during the planning process.

We all know how stressful wedding planning can be, and often we are so much under pressure that we don't get time for moments in the bedroom.

Andrea talks to us about how we can keep it romantic in the bedroom during the wedding planning and even on the wedding day. Have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Remember if you want to get in touch with Andrea you can via her website

How Hiring A Wedding Planning Can Save The Day

Let's face it you have always wondered if it is actually worth hiring a wedding planner? Especially now that its so easy to find everything on Google right? 

Well in this episode I actually talk about, in much more detail, some of the great reasons why it is still necessary to hire a planner. We do so much more than just find suppliers. We construct the orchestra and make sure it's planning in harmony.

To know more about how I can help you as a planner, let's chat. 

Wedding Tips From a Bride

This week I spoke to a bride Sarah Desborough who shared tips from her wedding planning journey in 2019.

Have a listen and see if you can relate to the problems she faced as well as the excitement.


Sarah loved planning her wedding so much that she's actually trained to become a planner and help other like you. Check out her site. 


Remember, you can read our get started with your wedding planning guide here:  

Financial Advice For Couples Getting Married

Ash joined us from AKS advisors talking to us about how getting married has an impact on your financial situation. Don't worry its not bad things, you can ask for a combined tax limit. If you want to know more please do visit their website below and have a chat with one of their advisors.

Especially if you both currently own a home or are considering buying a holiday home or buy to let. 


Remember if you want to learn more about wedding planning or just want to have a chat check out my website here 

Prenups - Why They Are Worth Having

Everyone often things Prenups are a bad thing. Listen to my chat with Senior Partner Rosalyn O'Donnell-Teelan from Teelan & Silwal Family Law. 

Rosalyn shares the benefits of a prenup, gives us a better idea of what they are and why they should be considered.

Remember, if you want to reach out to Rosalyn or her team do let them know you heard the podcast 

Nutrition During Wedding Planning

Not in anyway to sound like a grandparent or doctor but Nutrition is very important in life. Even more important during emotional times like wedding planning. My guest speaker today Dave Allen from Herbalife talks to us about nutrition for weightless for skincare and much more.

If you want to know more just drop him a message either on LinkedIn Dave Allen or his website

Common Mistakes Made

Today I am talking about some of the very common errors made by couples when planning their wedding.


Let me know your thoughts on this lovelies.


Remember if you want to learn more about wedding planning or just want to have a chat check out my website here 

Wedding Style

Do you need help deciding what style suits you best? Are you torn between what you like the look of and what flatters your figure the most? Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of dress styles available?!

Listen to Alice from Buddy and Noo give tips on how to make your dress stand out and hear her explain how the right style and shape of dress can make you look – and feel – amazing!

Find the perfect dress that gives you a buzz and makes you feel fabulous!

Wedding Maps To Wow Your Guests

Want a great new way to connect with your guests before your big day? Share with them your favourite places to eat, to hang out or where you love to walk by creating your very own personalised map with HipMaps.

Listen here to Rachel LeRoy explain how HipMaps can help your guests settle in if they’re from out of town, choose somewhere to eat or discover the places you know and love. 

Wedding Tips For This Summer

Are you getting married this summer? Listen to my top tips here.

You can also download my guide here that helps you plan your wedding for this summer in the short period that we have. It's exciting knowing wedding can happen again but its also scary if we put it on the back burner and haven't focused on it for a while.


Get in touch if you wish to know more about wedding planning advice, or simply follow me on social media.



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